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Programming Language for Code of Earth Life

Code of Life Needs a Programming Language ;)

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So, the code of Life on Earth is quite well understood: we have the molecular biology dogma (DNA -> RNA -> Amino Acid), and the gene products are well organized in biological databases.

Life has sporadically created a plethora of molecules, via mostly protein-drive metabolic pathways, therefore, proteins can be thought of as high level "reserved words" of language of life in context of particular metabolism, and the information about them could be organized a bit like how programming languages are organized (with functions having their docstrings, and protein active sites having their type definitions), etc.

Ultimately, having some language like that, describing a particular genome may be very short, like just instantiate these set of proteins, and certain metabolic environment.

However, how to realize such programming language is a question. I hadn't see one exist yet.

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