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Metaphysical Gravity

Is love the metaphysical gravity that is the core attribute of life’s meaning, coherence, and creative power?


Is love the metaphysical gravity that is the core attribute of life’s meaning, coherence, and creative power?

“Buckminster Fuller, beloved American architect, systems theorist, polymath, poet once wrote, “love is metaphysical gravity.” To some this is a statement that lands naturally, for others it’s an idea that seems alien and confusing. After all, the meaning of metaphysics has changed tremendously in the last few hundred years, and we don’t really know much about gravity either. To make a statement equating something so deeply personal that our motivations are shaped by a longing for it from the morning we are born with something as abstract and impersonal as our grade school lessons about Newton’s law of universal gravitation seems, to some, at first absurd. This disconnect is because our culture doesn’t tend to cultivate awareness about gravity as much as, perhaps, we should.”

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“Transformation will take place through a redesign of our personal habits and our information ecology. By reimagining our social architecture, we can reshape our metaphysical reality, our habits, which will reform our digital systems and physical architecture. We must give ourselves permission to redesign our social systems to build a regenerative world.”

— Stephen Bau

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Dalai Lama taip pat sako, kad meilė yra kelias. Kaip jausmas, deffo palengvina gyvenimą!

Prieš pradėdami gyventi, žmonės linkę visko ieškoti mokslinio įrodymo. Taigi čia yra įdomus minčių eksperimentas: ką galėtume išmatuoti žmogaus psichinėse būsenose, kad pamatytume, jog meilė yra kelias? Galbūt smegenų bangos, energijos lygis ir ... palyginkite tai su vidutinėmis šių dienų žmogaus emocijomis/būsena. Jei meilė laimi diagramose, priimkime visuotinę meilę kaip socialinę normą, kaip vertybę, pagal kurią reikia gyventi.

Well Dalai Lama also says that love is the way. As a feeling it deffo makes life easy!

Humans tend to look for a scientific proof in everything though before living it. So here is a fun thought experiment: what we could measure in human mental states to see that love is the way? Perhaps brain waves, energy levels, ... and compare that with the average emotion/state of a typical human these days. If love wins in charts, lets embrace universal love as a social norm, as a value to live by.