[PFE] "identifications" of Product moving dimensions


The 5-IN 5-OUT steps of product dna and id (testing)

YAML Idėja

Objective: Security, Fitness, improvement (not ~~growth~~), territory, regeneration.

1- uninterrupted communication between designers and producers
2- minimize time from 0-to>1
3- increase ecosystem fitness
this loop determines fitness if ecosystem


Identify the dimensional axises of a circular product in motion and redraw the dimensions that will allow for maximum gain in maximum joy taking in consideration all the new fragmented Types, Categories and Attributes...

This is a process to find the raw new basics , hopefully asap.

5IN/5OUT Product detail is a communication tool, //[under validation and evaluation]

To streamline communications and facilitate transactions to "fittest" "cycle" possible; (fitness correlations between # of units and time and volume ...

Challenge: instructions being followed exactly

5 IN is: (production facing, pull)

(graphic, measurements, MOQ frequency, Story, Initiator, rights of use) (this is the main contract document of in/out)

1- Product ID 2- BOM
2- Costing 3- Pattern & Steps 4- Quality specifications and rules 5- How to package and ship

5 OUT are: (consumer facin, push)

c1- ID card (graphic, measurement, Story, Maker(s), Initiator, Rights of use) (this is the main contract document of in/out)
c2- Packaging, shipping, handeling pick-up locations info
c3-Wash & Care instructions, guarantee info,maintenance
c4- How to dispose of instructions (recycling spots, plans etc)
c5- Communities involved, the movers

Channels: platform

Single source of truth for all products production info VS. multi-source of the truth and multi-channels.

Point A is: idea point B is manifested. Goal: shortest distance from A to B
With more n more entities involved

omitted lines: What is the minimum effort for achieving flow and timeless process in industry. ,

(nesiųsti pranešimų) (nebūtinas) Prašome prisijungti.

Idėjos turi būti artikuliuoti sprendimai, o ne neapdoroti sąmonės srautai, apmąstymai ar asmeniniai užrašai apie tai...

// [kokie nauji sąrašai? tranzitu ir ne tik?]

Idėjos neturi būti klausimai: perskaitykite taisykles.

Atrodo, kad skiltyje „mano procesas“ aprašote tai, kas galėtų būti idėja, jei ji būtų paversta tema ir paaiškinta.

Šiuo metu jūsų „idėja“ atrodo kaip nebaigta minčių seka be užuominos, koks čia yra pagrindinis pasiūlymas.

Ką tu siūlai? Koks yra idėjos teiginys?

Ideas are meant to be articulated solutions, not raw streams of consciousness, reflections about or personal notes about it...

// [what are the new lists? in transitus and beyond?]

Ideas are not supposed to be questions: please, read the rules.

At the section "my process" you seem to describe something that could be an idea, if it were made into a subject and explained.

Right now, your "idea" looks like an unfinished sequence of thoughts without a hint at what is the key proposition here.

What are you proposing? What is the claim of the idea?

Redagavo jį. Ar aiškiau? Sveikinu.

Edited it. Is it more clear? Cheers.

    : Mindey
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Taip, tai daug aiškiau [Bassxn2]! Ačiū už pataisymus. Dabar tai prasminga.

Yes, it is much more clear [Bassxn2]! Thanks for the edits. It now makes sense.