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A website that streamlines and simplifies the startup process

Basically, your business has its own profile online. The website takes into account your base country's laws, tax system etc.

Your profile becomes like an online business plan, where you can manage the development and growth of your business.

It incorporates an accounting and taxation system, that makes inputting, labeling, calculating and paying easy. It connects to government tax website (e.g. you can pay tax directly from your profile to your country.

The way the profile is designed, it guides you through the official steps a startup goes through. You can change the business name at various stages. It could link up to the Company Registration Office too.

Following the startup Steps, you know exactly what needs to be done and can see an overview of your business timeline. You can ask it to gently prompt you, coming up to deadlines, both official and ones that you set for yourself.

You accountant, if you have one, can also have access to the accounting aspect of your business through the website so that it's all done together in one place. It creates backups as well to ensure no technical problems will damage your business. Also will use safe encryption processes to keep it confidential.

Once you're through the startup phase, you can 'graduate' to the 'business growth' phase of the website, which archives startup-specific material and opens up other functionalities, like marketing plan construction and innovation simulation lab.

(nesiųsti pranešimų) (nebūtinas) Prašome prisijungti.

Aš matau, kad tai veikia geriau, kaip žaidimų dizainerių sukurta platforma.

I can see this working better as a platform co-designed by game designers.

Ai, daug kur atrodo kaip mūsų projektas, bet mes dar nepalaikome šių funkcijų. Tai pareikalautų daug darbo su įstatymais daugelyje šalių ir tt ... [Cabria] :)

Aš galvoju, kai atliksime visas užduotis, integruotis į [3D studijų labirintą] (

Ah, looks a lot like our project, but we don't yet support these features. It would require much work with law in many countries, etc... [Cabria] :)

I'm thinking, once we have all tasks going, to integrate with 3D Study Maze thing.

Taigi jūs sakote [Mindey], kad laikui bėgant begalybė leis įmonėms turėti čia tinkinamus profilius su integruota apskaitos, apmokestinimo, skaitmeninės rinkodaros, modeliavimo laboratorijomis ir kitomis paslaugomis - kiekviename verslo profilyje ir savotiškai. žaidėjų stiliaus, su kiekvienu verslu, kuriame yra laipsniai? Saunus. Negaliu laukti!

So you're saying [Mindey] that in time, infinity will allow businesses to have their own customisable profiles on this, complete with integrated accounting, taxation, digital marketing, simulation labs and other services, all in each business profile and in a sort of gamer style, with graduated levels for the stage each business is at? Cool. Can't wait!

Turite omenyje, pavyzdžiui, svetainę, kurioje turite patogią formą užpildyti, sumokėti mokestį, kuri atidaro įmonę jūsų pasirinktoje šalyje ir teikia visiškai automatizuotą apskaitą?

You mean, like a website, where you have a convenient form to fill out, pay a fee, and that opens a company in a country of your choice, and provides fully-automated accounting?