Advice engine


Feed in all your data, get personalised advice

YAML Idėja

I want to feed in every fact about me and get back opportunities based on my data.

If I know Python I'd be recommended Python Open source projects.

If I have spare cash I'll be recommended funds to invest in.


(nesiųsti pranešimų) (nebūtinas) Prašome prisijungti.

Kaip galimybių variklis, todėl mes galime tas galimybes (patarimus) filtruoti, tiesa? Tačiau paprastai galimybių varikliai nėra nemokami. Pavyzdžiui, silosai ima mokestį už degtukus. Geriausia, jei galėtume tiesiog pridėti reitingus ir ieškoti atitikmenų, kartais su anoniminėmis tapatybėmis (kai netikėtumas yra laukiamas produktas).

Like an opportunity engine, so we can filter those opportunities (advices), right? However, usually, opportunity engines are not free. For example, silos charge for matches. Ideally, we could just add ratings and look up for matches, occasionally with anonymized identities (when surprise is the expected product).

Umm, however, how would this really work? This idea doesn't have substance, it's more like a wishful thinking, which I agree with, but it more belongs to the Questions then.