Water & Bacteria Perfume


Ad Campaign "Symba" to Protect Water Sources

YAML Idėja

New perfume sourced at protected areas on the planet Earth. Perfume is made of crystal clear water. Perfume is sold in a beautiful spray bottle. A bottle has a spiral structure inside, and it promises to turn water to a living water. When perfume is sprayed on the human body, it smells uniquely to that human body, because of unique colony of bacterias living on a particular human skin. Highly sensitive humans can notice a delicate smell of water perfume. It is encouraged to practise to connect with senses and try to recognise this unique smell of a living human you are.


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// spiral structure inside //

I see! So, I suppose, the bacteria would be the Spirulina (though, it's abundant)? What would those "protected areas of Earth" be?