"A Club-Based Model of Global Governance"


YAML Idėja

The idea is to form membership-based associations ("clubs") with rewards and penalties, where membership entails commitment and accountability for addressing global challenges:

The proposed model in the submission is two levels of clubs, composed of cities and countries respectively. In order to tackle global catastrophic risks the model is inclusive, accountable, and additive. Clubs have requirements tied to addressing global challenges. The clubs do not require membership from every single actor in the system to be viable. Current city collaboration initiatives lack enforcement tools, therefore the submission institutes a city forum, and an index for comparing cities' efforts, providing accountability and access to innovation exchange. The combination of tangible rewards to membership and the possibility of removal combined means decisions can be made despite the disagreement of a minority of individual members.

by Luca Rade at globalchallenges.org


(nesiųsti pranešimų) (nebūtinas) Prašome prisijungti.

Ar tai idėja iš esmės suvaidinti globalius iššūkius, valstybėms ir miestams prisijungus prie socialinės sutarties? Kaip mes tai motyvuotume?

Is it the idea to basically gamify global challenges by having states and cities join a social contract? How would we motivate that?