Real-Time World Languages Dictionary Updates


Public words-generator that reflects new cultural norms and shares meanings across languages

YAML Idėja

Only experts can invent, approve and add words to international dictionaries, but they are too slow to notice changes in cultural norms.

Amending a meaning of words and creating new words should be a real-time ongoing process. Visual tool should be included to showcase how the meanings of words are connected and why some words should become obsolete because their meanings are outdated.


(nesiųsti pranešimų) (nebūtinas) Prašome prisijungti.

Ar ne Vikižodynas (susietas) - toks bandymas? Kaip ir „Wikipedia“, vartotojai ją laisvai ir atvirai gali taisyti. Jis netgi turi [API] (, todėl galima būtų įsivaizduoti, kad padarytumėte robotą, kuris įveda žodžius analizuodamas pasaulio žiniatinklio turinį.

Isn't Wiktionary (linked) -- such an attempt? Like Wikipedia, it is liberally and openly editable by users. It even has an API, so one could imagine making a bot, that introduces words by analyzing world's web content.