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OSE D3D Universal

Projektas: Open Source Ecology.

OSE D3D Universal

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OSE D3D Universal

3D printer with quick-connect toolheads Introducing our new and compact 3D printer with simplicity, flexibility, and power you would expect from the creators of the Global Village Construction Set. Looking for a versatile workhorse? The D3D Universal is a great entry level printer, production printer - and multi-machine for education and experimentation in CNC machine design. FOR INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION AND PRODUCTION FAST AND FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION PRINTER QUICK CONNECT TOOLHEADS A GLOBAL OPEN SOURCE PROJECT $599 D3D Universal Kit Free shipping in the US Includes pen plotter attachment Takes 4-8 hours to build from kit. No soldering required.Simple hand tools are included. If you would like to order a fully built D3D Universal printer - it is $995 + free shipping US. 3 week lead time. Order includes a free Collaborative Design webinar. Order a kit and start building your world today.