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A global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. YAML [taisyti]

Ethereum is a project to create a Turing-Complete decentralized open source blockchain. It is a community project of primarily developers, and miners and exchange managers, developed primarily by developers and run by largely anonymous miners, who freely and arbitrarily decide to contribute computing resources for the benefit of the cryptocurrency mined (e.g., market value), that is created by exchanges (run by people as other projects) that approve of listing it or its sub-currencies (programs within it) as traded assets, because of easy common class interfaces, like ERC-20 or ERC-721.

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  • Koks yra turto paskirstymas „Ethereum“?

  • Kaip gerai „Ethereum“ sekasi finansuoti naujas transformacines technologijas?

  • Kokie nauji produktai ir paslaugos buvo sukurti iki šiol, o finansavimo šaltinis buvo „ethereum“?

  • What is the wealth disribution on Ethereum?
  • How well Ethereum is doing in funding new transformative technologies?
  • What new products and services had been created so far with ethereum as funding source?
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