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Sprendimai: XMaze.

X-Maze Project P&L: -212.7 (≃ -2222 EUR)

To tap into the hidden potential of addictive, explorative minds and neuroplasticity of hippocampus. YAML Projektas Produktai

Education directly and profoundly affects our ability as a species to solve problems. Imagine how much more problem solving power we had, if we turned Khan Academy into an adventurous massively multiplayer game, where except shooting people had to solve mathematical problems. Imagine how much more leverage businesses and academia had, if they could use Google AdWords to place real-life problems inside the study environments like this one below. That's where we're heading.


Working system (demo:, that implements:

At this point, it would be best to be developed, as an organization (association of teachers), that place paid rooms, to be accessed by students, and then balancing (or mutually insuring) themselves, with part of the returns given to the development team here, to advance the maze editor and end-user widgets.

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Netrukus parašysiu, kai bus paruošta „Iššūkio“ funkcija :)

I'll write it soon, once the "Challenge" feature is ready :)

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